Plan Your Visit

#1 Pick A Time

Gold-1 Morning Service 11am
Evening Service 6pm
Wednesday Study 6pm

#2 – Get Directions

33 North Main St
Marshallville, Ohio 44645
Google.Maps View Driving South From rt.585

#3 – Special Considerations

spinner slime Have A Special Needs Child?
We’ll Arrange A Sitter,
We Also Have Fidget Spinners,
Slime, Coloring Books and
a Quiet Room To Help Call/Text us 330.485.3936
Or email

Or Fill Out This Form

#4 – What To Wear?

No Dress Codes

Some of us wear suits and ties,
some wear just shirt and ties,
some wear Bermuda shorts,
some wear shorts and a blazer I suggest dressing how you feel comfortable,
according to the weather. dress code

#5 – Make Sure You Have Gas

driving-off_5 There is a Circle K/Marathon
2 miles from the church at:
10302 Akron Rd, Rittman, OH 44270

#6 – Would You Like To Have Coffee With The Pastor?

Pastor J drinks so much coffee
he bleeds dark brown.
But if you’d prefer tea, cocoa,
or an energy drink
(we don’t judge).

Let him know by filling out this quick form so he can be expecting you.


Lastly | Consider Listening To A Sermon

Just so that you know what you’re getting yourself into…..

Sermon: “The Greatest Gift”
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13 Sermon: “Jesus Is Part 2 ‘The Light of the World'”
Scripture: John 8