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Our Story

• Everyone has a beginning, and we are no different. Established August 1st, 1963 as the Marshallville Baptist Mission, the mission was successful and grew quickly.
• On March 15th, 1981 slightly over a dozen people organized themselves into a church and founded the First Baptist Church of Marshallville, Ohio.
• In Early 1998 a Baptist Preacher from West Virginia named Homer Watson was called on to take over as only the 3rd preacher in this small church’s life. Rev Homer Watson guided the church through some very difficult times in the small hybrid suburban/rural village of Marshallville, through shifting demographics and economic times that nearly killed the small village Rev. Homer lovingly and patiently guided the church for 18 years, until his retirement in 2016.
• Late in 2017 major changes took place in the life of the church and along with it came in an unusual bible teacher, he stepped in to fill the pulpit, armed with the bible and a smart phone Pastor J. Johnson has just begun his tenure after 18 years in various roles inside media and online ministries. FBC Sign01 copy 3 FBC Market_Street_in_Marshallville,_Ohio_looking_East_from_Main_Street

Our Approach

Over the past year we have been changing our focus, Pastor J is looking ot further the Kingdom in the most radical way he knows how, by reading the Bible! He was quoted once as saying in jest “Let’s Make The Bible Great Again” of course his meaning is, let’s get back to the Bible, let’s see what God has to say about every aspect of life, let’s shut up and do some listening. This new approach may sound familiar, but that is only because he has a limited vocabulary (that’s a joke) but this new vision is bringing along with it a willingness to revisit everything our society, and Christians, think about church. Why sit at the table, when we could be like Jesus and flip the tables! Why sit and wait for someone to stumble into our doors, when we can go meet them where they are, and do the most shocking thing of all…treat them like human beings!
We are a renewed church with an old Spirit, the Spirit of God, leading us into an unsure future where we will stop pretending we have life figured out and start embracing the cracks and scars that make us human. The most revolutionary thing Jesus did was not to point out the man was a crook or the woman was a prostitute, the most revolutionary thing was that He treated them like Human Beings, and told eveyone that they mattered. He looked the the child in the eyes when He spoke to them, He picked up the man who was down, He treated the woman like she was equal to the men. The most revolutional thing we can do as a church is to treat people like Human Beings, because we are aware that we are no different than they, we just found a Savior, and we’re offering a hand to whomever needs it. Inside the Sanctuary

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